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Why An Apple Car Is A Bigger Threat To Tesla Than People Think

How big a threat is an Apple car to Tesla? 

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How The Juno Mission Will Unlock Jupiter’s Secrets

How significant is Juno’s upcoming orbit of Jupiter?  

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Wearable For Military Detects Toxic Gases, Warns Via Wireless App

A growing range of wearable monitors may help us lead stronger, smoother lives, but MIT’s newest device is looking to save them–specifically, by alerting soldiers when toxic gases are around.

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The Next Phase For Agriculture Technology

Agriculture technology is no longer a niche that no one’s heard about. Agriculture has confirmed its place as an industry of interest for the venture capital community after investment in agtech broke records for the past three years in a row, reaching $4.6 billion in 2015.

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BlackBerry Classic Cancelled, Leaked Android Devices Are Not The Answer

Speaking earlier this year, BlackBerry reinforced its support for the BB10 platform while indicating that the Android platform was going to play a bigger party in 2016′s handset plans than the home-grown operating system.

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